Coffee, Literature & Life: Holiday Thoughts & Leftovers

Hi again. Whew. Love Thanksgiving, and trust me, made a pig of myself. Especially on the pumpkin pie.

But truth be told? Glad it’s finished, done, over for another year.

Well, Mrs. Stewart made the turkey, even ground up the pork for the stuffing. And she baked the yams. And candied some too. And made pumpkin pie from pumpkin she canned herself.

Yes, she really is New York City born and raised; but she cans, bakes and can process a deer like an Appalachian American.

So Mr. Stewart (that’s me) carved said turkey, made sweet potato casserole, and gravy. And ate, ate again, and ate some more.

Still had time to read.

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One of the books, well, it was a nice diversion but really, said and done it really isn’t worth mentioning. So I won’t.

But read something a bit better, yep.

Reread an old police drama that was hanging around. Michael A Black’s Hostile Takeovers, book 2 in a series starring Cook County detective Sgt. Frank Leal, and his partner Olivia Hart, who also happens to be a female bodybuilder.

Hostile Takeovers, follow up to Black’s Random Victim, pits Leal, Hart and their coworkers against two rival drug lords, both seeking to put the other out of business…permanently.

But there’s a leak in the Department. Who and why provides a great amount of the tension that’s not really resolved till the end. Nice.

Black has a Master in Fine Arts in fiction writing from Columbia University, so his writing is the real deal…nicely put together and paints a great (though not always pretty) picture.

But he’s also got three decades as a cop. That’s really an unusual combination, and works out really well for his storytelling, from the perspective of his characters, to the way they act on a crime scene. You get the feeling that he’s thinking of things that happened reeeeeal similar to what you’re reading.

Oh, while he’s convincing himself Hart is like a sister because he really does love his girlfriend…yeah, that adds a sidebar, huh?

And I love what he did with the hit man.

But you’re just gonna have to buy the book. The third in the series is Sacrificial Offerings.

Well, while we’re on the subject of old books, I’ve picked up an oldy but goody from Sci Fi giant Isaac Asimov.

Now, I know. Read his Foundation series several times, his Robot books were some of the first I ever read as a kid in the genre, many, many others. Interesting fellow in person, too. He gave me a ride hitchhiking once and finding out I was into dusty old Greek texts, bought me a beer.

He wrote guides to the Bible and has collaborated on translations, and we discussed his work and ideas.

But foolish fellow that I am, I’ve never, ever read his mysteries.

Until now.

I’m starting light. An old copy of The Best Mysteries of Isaac Asimov, thirty one short stories by a master of this genre as well. Still near the front of the book, but I will tell you this: Its proving to be best read of all month.

Well, I think we’re out of turkey so I gotta go find a sammich and some coffee…see ya’s next time!

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