Coffee, Literature, and Life: What’s in the pot?

Well, I’m slumming with McDonald’s coffee this morning.

I guarantee it’s not how I started my day.

Mrs. Stewart has Pyrex coffee pots…old glass ones. She carefully measures out the perfect amount of good coffee, usually Folgers Columbian, and brings the water to a boil.

Then she brews it seven minutes.

Not eight, not six.


Two big ceramic mugs of this perfection is how my day started.

Yesterday was even better.

Not only did I start off the day with two steaming mugs of perfection, I read the best story I’ve read in a while.

Funny thing is, it’s not my usual favorite genre. And I’ve seen better writing, though it was very good.

But the story was great. The twist was…well, I get tired of knowing how a book’s going to end after the second or third chapter.

And I really hate predictable endings.

I picked up a book that was published almost twenty years ago, back in 2000 as a matter of fact, and couldn’t stop reading till it I got to the end.

Michael Prescott’s “The Shadow Hunter” isn’t the type of book I’d think I enjoy that much. Nothing against romance, mind you. I like reading, I like writing, I like living romance.

Especially with my favorite and most bestest coffee brewing person, Mrs. Stewart.

But in the end, I guess “The Shadow Hunter” isn’t a romance, though you really fooled me.

Abby Sinclair is a spy for the rich and famous. She moves in next to a stalker and keeps her boss updated, signaling when the whackadoo is set to pounce.

True, bad guy Raymond Hinkle isn’t your most dastardly bad guy. Heh heh…in the end, he doesn’t have to be.

But he’s bad enough that he’s a real risk to news anchor Kris Barwood, and when she calls on Paul Travis for security, he brings in who else but Abby Sinclair to go babysit Hinkle and learn all about him?

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Like I said, occasionally the writing falls a little flat, and not every character leaps off the page at you.

But I’ve read three decent books this week. The Shadow Hunter, Mark Billingham’s Buried, and Dean Koontz’s Key to Midnight.

Of the three, Prescott’s was the page turner.

The characters weren’t the greatest studies in human nature. The craftmanship in the writing wasn’t the most literary. The genre wasn’t my favorite.

I tend to prefer Science Fiction or Fantasy Adventure that isn’t too Dungeons and Dragons.

But the story was wonderful, and like I said, it had an unexpected twist (some folks just HATE that) which was a wonderful spice.

Like a nice Shepherd’s Pie…peas and onions and ground burger in a nice spaghetti sauce, topped with mashed potatoes slightly browned crisp on top? The mashed potato topping you dug your eyes into at the front of the book melds nicely with the meat and vegetable filling at the end.

In spite of all its flaws, it was such a nice (Did I say ‘nice’) story, or rather, good storyline that I couldn’t wait to find out what happened.

Well, finished my coffee…so I’ll chat with y’alls later, ‘kay?

Have a good week!

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