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1/30/19 “Isaac’s Robots”

Brrr. He…he…hello there, I say through chattering teeth.

On a day like today, nothing to do but grab a cup of Mrs. Stewart’s class A coffee, expertly brewed stovetop in a Pyrex coffee pot, and a good, thick book.

And work on setting up book signings.

So far, we have a sweet, sweeeet event at Upper St. Clair’s Half Price books set for March 23rd, near Pittsburgh, and in contact with Books A Million in the area. We’ll be pushing Akatiel: Angel In Time, first in the Scrolls of Akatiel Trilogy, and setting up our soon to be released Akatiel: Sands of Time, which is Book Two of the Scrolls.

We’ll be filling you in on the details soon, so keep your eyeballs peeled.

But have to get some reading in, right?

I picked up some nice old books this last weekend.

Okay, gotta admit. Picked up Auel’s #6 book in the Earth’s Children series, The Land of Painted Caves. Looking forward to reading that one, okay? Happy? She’s a great writer. There, I said it.

Ever read John Barnes? Can’t say I’ve heard of him, but I picked up his “The Last President,” sounded interesting. Post-apocalyptic of a small band trying to restore civilization while forces array against them who like the new order.

Interesting, right?

Now, the one I’ve started in on, and I’ll be discussing in my next blogs first, is Isaac Asimov’s “Robots and Empire.”

A sequel of Robots of Dawn, and part of Asimov’s Robots series that includes the The Caves of Steel as well as The Naked Sun. Eventually these stories are folded into Asimov’s epic Foundation series.

Hold on a sec, be right back. Need more coffee…

…Thanks. I apologize, but a coffee junkie’s gotta do what a coffee junkie’s gotta do.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

It’s been nearly thirty years since I read Robots of Dawn, but I have no problem following the characters as if I read it weeks ago. No, my memory of two weeks ago is not that poor, Asimov’s writing is that powerful.

In Dawn, Elijah Baley is called to the planet Aurora with his partner R. Daneel Olivaw to solve a high profile murder…of a robot, R. Jander Panell. Well, not exactly a murder. Someone has erased Jander’s positronic brain, and there are too many politics involved for the authorities on Aurora to be trusted with the case. Turns out the robot had a mistress. The Solarian Spacer immigrant Gladia Demarre.

Empire occurs two hundred years later. Baley has long ago passed away. But Gladia is still as healthy as a sexy fifty-year-old. And gets caught up in another mystery:

Who destroyed two Settler salvage ships that landed on her old home world of Solaria, and why? Elijah Baley feared that friction between Earth and her recent colonies the Settler worlds, and the original colonies the Spacers, might result in the destruction of Mankind.

Is the destruction of the Settler ships a prelude to this crisis?

I guess we have to read the book to find out.

Till then, see ya later, and hope you get lost in a good book.

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