Coffee, Literature & Life: Book Signing Mar 23, 2019

Heya, Readers:

I have to admit to you, I’m sort of nervous.

Not “Getting married and meeting the in-laws the night before” nervous.

Not “Getting put under, extract a wisdom tooth or four” nervous.

Okay, not even the nervous you get the first time you play your guitar in front of folks you don’t know nervous.

I guess I’m not all that nervous.

But then again, I am, well, I am a little nervous.

Half Price Books is a great chain. The store in Bethel Park, just south of Pittsburgh, is a great location. They buy used books and sell the ones in good condition at half the cover price.

Half Price Books is at 4000 Oxford Dr, Bethel Park, PA 15102.

They also have a selection of new books, some at a discount.

The staff, and Cathy the manager, are nice people. Helpful, too.

I’ve gotten in front of a lot of people and spoken, I’ve taught in class rooms, I’ve gotten in front of more folks than I could estimate how many, and played my music.

But this March 23rd, on a Saturday from 11am to 2pm EST will be my first book signing.

I won’t be up on a stage, elevated above the public. I won’t have a text book between me and the folks. I will have to mingle, talk, smile.

Don’t get me wrong. I really am looking forward to it.

I tend to like people, I tend to like pressing the flesh, as they say, and gabbing with folks on parity.

But in spite of a great reception by almost all who have read Akatiel: Angel In Time, one asks oneself, “Will they like my book?”

And our marketing has just begun.

Not a lot of people have read it yet. Most who have are not going to be there. Will people be there to buy it, to meet me and discuss the book?

Advance warning: Do not expect any spoilers in discussing Akatiel: Angel In Time at the book signing. I’ll discuss what’s revealed on the cover. Maybe expound a little on things hinted at on there.

You’ll get to meet some of our marketing team.

And we’ll be “raffling” off a gift basket. Three brand new hardcovers by various Science Fiction writers we’ve picked up just for the event, a nice “Akatiel” coffee mug, a couple of other little goodies…no purchase necessary to get a ticket, drawing at the end of the event. (must be present to win}

Sure, I’m nervous…if by nervous you mean totally psyched and excited.

Really hope to see you there. It’ll be a blast!

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